Kattex - Instant, hydraulic, chip-free internal tube cutter for the maintenance of heat exchangers tubes and boiler tubes with O.D. up to 101.6 mm ( 4" )

The Kattex transform into an instant internal tube cutter due to its being fitted with cutting tools designed and manufactured by Maus Italia..

For use in the maintenance of heat exchangers during the removal or partial retubing of a tube bundle, usually before tube stub extraction with Maus Italia Grippul stub pullers.

Maus Italia has widened its range by offering, as well as the consolidated Kattex 6, the enlarged Kattex 12 for thick tubes.

  • Depth of cut adjustable from 10 mm to 465 mm ( from 0.394" to 18.387" )

Kattex Maus Italia

Exceptional construction features

Metal swarf-free cutting

The concept behind the Kattex's application is the incising of the tube to produce a breaking point, helping the pulling of the stub during the use of the Grippul.

The Kattex is a tool which is as simple as it is innovative: with the Kattex, the cut is always precise and does not produce any metal swarf.

Extremely quick: operation completed in only 9 seconds!!

Kattex Maus Italia

Kattex peculiarities

Kattex Maus Italia


Hydraulically operated, The multipurpose Kattex transmits instant radail expansion to the tools, assuring a high level of productivity.

Kattex Maus Italia

Clean results - Chip-free

The Multipurpose Kattex, with its patented cutting system, leaves no metallic residue inside the tube, ensuring a "clean" job.

Kattex Maus Italia

Muti-power - Power sources

The Kattex's hydraulic unit are the TP2 series hydraulic units, available in either Electric or Pneumatic models.

Kattex Maus Italia

Wide-range - Wide range of applications

The new larger model of the multipurpose Kattex allows you to work on tubes up to 4" ( 101,6 mm ) for the maintenance of industrial boilers.

Kattex Maus Italia

Timer - Automatic cycle

The new dedicated hydraulic unit gives the possibility to control automatically the entire cycle time ( expansion time and release / stop time ), ensuring a high level of repeatability and the execution of the correct complete cycle.

Kattex Maus Italia

Kattex power supply

TP2-E and TP2-EQ2

Semi-automatic electric hydraulic power unit


Semi-automatic pneumatic hydraulic unit

The Kattex is available in two models

Kattex Maus Italia


The Kattex-6 is for tubes from 1/2" up to 1.1/2" ( from 12,70 up to 38,10 mm )

Kattex Maus Italia


The Kattex-12 is for tubes from 1" up to 4" ( from 25,40 up to 101,60 mm )

Kattex Series Maus Italia

The multipurpose Kattex Series

Maus Italia has widened the use of the Kattex series offering new solutions and innovative features.

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