Mammut - "On-site" self-positioning heat exchanger transporter

This specially designed machine provides a brilliant solution for moving tube bundles within the plant from their extraction point to the maintenance yard, thus eliminating the use of trucks and mobile cranes and considerably speeding up loading and unloading which is carried out just a few centimeters from the ground in complete safety.

Mammut Maus Italia

Exceptional construction features

Hydraulic lifting

The synchronized movement of the cylinders and the multiple carabiners and ropes is achieved by lever controls located at the driving position.

Two steering drive wheels come as standard for basic operations.

Super elastic tires

This special type of tires significantly reduces noise, vibrations, deformation when fully loaded and rolling friction with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption. They are also extremely resistant to cuts and require almost zero maintenance.

Mammut Maus Italia

Mammut Maus Italia

Double gantry framework

Double gantry framework designed in accordance with European Materials Handling Federation FEM A3 directives and in compliance with Machinery Directive 98/37 EC. The Mammut is equipped with radial tires specifically for transportation, mounted on wheels with flanged self-braking hydraulic geared motors in a single unit ( hub-wheel ). Hydraulic lifting is lever-controlled and synchronized using multiple cylinders and carabiners with ropes.

The design of this machine allows it to be positioned above the frame of the Mef express extractor with the newly extracted bundle, to hook the bundle from above and immediately transport it.

Mammut Maus Italia

Optional - Four steering driving wheels

The integral steering allows a small turning radius with faster movements. It is also possible to carry out very efficient transverse movements during the positioning phase.

Mammut Maus Italia

Optional - Hydraulic anti-rocking clamps

Tube bundle locking to eliminate rocking during transport enabling quick and completely safe handling.

Product technical datasheet

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