MAUS is an Italian manufacturer of next-generation equipment for production and maintenance of heat exchangers, chillers, boilers and tube bundle. Our company is one of international market pioneers in design, assembling and sale of high quality equipment for tube bundle maintenance in chemical, energy, industrial and refinery sectors.

Highest standards of performance, technological innovation and attention to functionality are main principles of MAUS manufacturing. We transform an industrial equipment production into a work of art, presenting to international competitive market new technologies and production excellence translated into pieces of advanced machinery.

Production and maintenance of tube bundle equipment is one of core product lines for MAUS international deals. We continue to apply new concepts and technologies for development and improvement of tube bundle assembling and dismantling techniques. We keep improving technologies for tube bundle cutters, saw machines and other tools.

Particular attention is paid to extracting, transporting and maintenance including cleaning and testing tools. Tube bundle extractors and pullers introduce highest level of reliability and operation.

New standards of performance are realized in tube bundle cleaning and testing equipment. High pressure internal and external cleaning robots and pumps can deal with particularly difficult sites and surfaces. MAUS represent pneumatic and hydrostatic tube testing with excellent pieces of high precision equipment.

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Production and tube bundle assembling


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