Tube bundle cleaning

New level of performance is realized in MAUS tube cleaner equipment, such as internal and external cleaning robots and pumps for particularly difficult sites and surfaces. Operational conditions of tubes are strictly connected with overall productivity and investment efficiency. This is a good reason to schedule a regular tube bundle inspection applying high quality tube cleaner.

New technologies applied in hydrodynamic high pressure cleaning for tube bundles allow to operate with slightly efficient results. Solid pressure washing is combined with guaranteed safety during process.

We have designed a special high pressure external cleaning robot for particularly difficult sites. Placed on motorized rollers and equipped with powerful modern pump and integrate speed reducer, this equipment is particularly handy during plant maintenance shutdowns. Internal tube cleaner is equipped with multiple nozzle carriers to provide complete and total washing inside the bundle. New generation of hydrodynamic descaler presented by MAUS is an effective maintenance tool for chemical, refinery and petrochemical industry.

MAUS Italy can offer you a complete range of products for complying with this simple rule of thumb. Browse our catalogue of high pressure pumps and automated tube cleaners, whether for internal or external use or manual or mechanical cleaning procedures.

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