Tube bundle extraction and trasporting


Maus Italia is an Italian company, market leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of equipment and machinery for the production and maintenance of heat exchangers, condensers, chillers and boilers as well as each type of tube bundle for chemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, factories.

High levels of technological innovation, an attentive eye to functionality, care in every detail and total reliability: these are some of the most important features our engineers always keep in mind when designing the tube bundle puller and all of Maus Italia products. Maus Italia distinguishes itself for its high quality products, such as the Tube Bundle Extractor, the Bundle puller, as well as for its professional support and training of users, all over the world.

Every tube bundle extractor shown here is the result of a long process of research and development that becomes reality in the design and production of machines in which first aim is to satisfy all customer needs. Tough and delicate, a mechanical work of art.

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Production and tube bundle assembling


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