Tube extraction

Enhanced tube extraction technologies are actively applied in projecting and manufacturing of classic and new solutions for tube extractors and transporters.

MAUS is proud to present new generation of sophisticated machinery such as self-sufficient propelled tube bundle puller with remote control of extraction, hoisting and movement of tube bundles. While quick hooking versions of classic tube bundle puller provides new and reliable solution for petrochemical plants tube bundle maintenance. MAUS provides solid and optimized solutions for classic tube extraction and transportation. Completely independent tube bundle puller assembled on the truck provides quick lift extraction, precise positioning and safe support during pulling and pushing process. Classic solution for moving tube bundles inside the plant is offered by special designed transporters.

MAUS Italy distinguishes itself for its high quality products, such as the tube bundle extractor, the tube puller, as well as for its professional support and training of users, all over the world. High levels of technological innovation, an attentive eye to functionality, care in every detail and total reliability: these are some of the most important features our engineers always keep in mind when designing tube extractors, transporters, tube bundle puller and all of MAUS Italy products.

Every tube bundle extractor shown here is the result of a long process of research and development that becomes reality in the design and production of machines aimed to produce new generation of cutting-edge equipment.

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Production and tube bundle assembling


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