One of the main directions for MAUS is improving and expanding the production towards popular and easy tools for pipe installation and maintenance like tubing cutters, deburring, and other preparation tools.

High quality of MAUS products aim to provide reliable and long-term operation for equipment and maintenance: from the simplest tool like cutting tools to automatic machining center. Each part is designed in detail, assembled and tested according to highest standards of product safety capable to satisfy all requests including the most challenging conditions.

Our tubing cutters can be used in a wide range of industries such as power stations, engineering industry, oil refinery, refrigeration and boiler systems. MAUS tubing cutter equipment already proved the highest level of performance and reliability in assembling and dismantling of tube bundles.

Wide assortment of products provides reliable tools with highest levels of functionality and technical characteristics for operation and maintenance including the simplest tools for pipe cutting. MAUS is constantly improving technologies for industrial tube cutting and welding, producing equipment that is corresponding to the highest requirements in many industrial spheres.

Starting with the most simple and highly requested tools like tubing cutters, MAUS continues to maintain production of high-quality tube maintenance equipment.

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Maintenance and tube bundle dismantling


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