and tube bundle assembling

Automation and special machines

Cnc working centres and special machines designed for the manufacture of the tube sheet heat exchangers

Through this publication, Maus Italia aims at presenting a complete overview of unique cnc working centres and special machines. The ambition of our company is to provide an innovative method for companies manufacturing heat exchangers to achieve a definite solution of the issues related to:


  • test
  •  productivity
  • quality
  • safety


In the following pages you will find a detailed description of the completely automatic manufacturing process in the cnc working centres, as for:


the tube expansion
the TIG tube-tube sheet orbital welding
the facing of the tubes after insertion
the grooving of the holes of the tube sheet


 At the end of this publication you will find a chapter dedicated to the special machines proposed for:


  the insertion of the tube sheets.

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Maintenance and tube bundle dismantling


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