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TIG orbital welding


TIG orbital welding is the preferred high-quality process for tube to tube sheet joints and for which the latest know-how and high precision technology are required.

The orbital Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding process, or arc orbital welding in inert gas with tungsten electrode, is done using an electric arc struck between a non-fusible electrode and the parts to be welded.
In the specific case in connection with the equipment proposed by Maus Italia, consider the tube to tube sheet welding with its different geometric configurations that are normally applied in the manufacture of industrial heat exchangers and boilers.

This welding process, in which the arc is generated between a non-consumable electrode and the material to be welded, can be done with or without the use of filler metal.
The entire process must take place in a protected atmosphere by inert gas (generally Argon) which flows to the torch.
The protected atmosphere is necessary to ensure a constant electric arc and to prevent contamination of the puddle by substances present in the local environment.


An TIG orbital welding machine consists of the following components:

• Welding head with orbital torch with tungsten electrode and inert gas nozzle
• Inverter power source (with high-frequency arc ignition system)
• Water cooling system for the torch
• Inert gas flow meter/reducer
• Integrated welding rod feeder system
• Analogue programmer Basic-S or digital, Top-S / MaTIG-500 for the welding process.


A characteristic of TIG orbital welding is its considerable operating stability. This is made possible by the electric arc which is constant and regular, being produced with a non-consumable tungsten electrode:


• with excellent chemical-physical properties;
• which allows it possible to use separate filler metal.


Furthermore, the highly variable welding parameters ensure precise continuous control of the result.

The sector, which Maus Italia is concerned with, is interested
mainly in TIG orbital welding with direct current and straight polarity (negative electrode) which is suitable for steels and nickel, titanium and copper alloys which are the materials generally used to manufacture heat exchangers.

In fact with these materials the use of direct current produces good penetration and a relatively low risk of melting the electrode (and therefore reducing the risk of tungsten particles being deposited in the weld puddle).



Maus Italia's long experience in designing and creating TIG orbital welding equipment and accessories means that we can offer to all of our clients products which are the fruit of years of research and which will meet their needs for functionality and reliability to the full in any industrial context. The TIG orbital welding machine illustrated here is the ideal tool for increasing the reliability and efficiency of your plant, with an eye to automation and cost cuts.

Discover which version of our TIG orbital welding products is good for you, from the most simple to the professional semi-automatic portable system, or the full automated one.

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