High-pressure hydraulic expanding machine with costant pressure control for fixing tubes of heat exchangers


Ultra High-pressure hydraulic expanding equipment with constant pressure control for fixing heat exchanger tubes from 3/8”up to 2” (9,5 to 50,8 mm).


In reply to the increase of the specific requests made by the designer-engineers in the nuclear and petrochemical fields , Maus Italia has developped the model Hydrex 5003.

This is the latest version of hydraulic expanding machine which operates at very high pressure and is controlled by 1 PLC and 1 graphic touch screen interface console for lining up and fixing tubes of heat exchangers.


Hydraulic expansion is the ideal procedure for expanding the welded tubes to the tube-sheet.

Exceptional and competitive execution rapidity for expansion lengths more than 100 mm
(50/60 operations per hour)


The new version ensures:


  • Speed
  • Repeatability
  • Absence of metal scale
  • Absence of material work hardening, typical of mechanical expansion.



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Maintenance and tube bundle dismantling


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