Low-voltage electrical mobile stations for semi-automatic controlled tube expansion

The process of tube expansion in tubesheets using the traditional tube expander must meet quality, productivity and repeatability requirements which are essential to successfully pass the strict pressure tightness tests that the tubesheets undergo in the final testing stage.

To start and control the operation of the tube expansion, Maus Italia offers a range of fully motorised control systems and accessories, divided three main families:


  • Portrol (portable)
  • Quadrol (semi-automatic)
  • Automation (automatic)


Based on our experience we have selected the control of the torque measured on the expander axis as the most appropriate reference technology.

Unlike pure dimensional control, in fact, the torque control can make up for parameter variability (e.g. tolerances on sheet hole diameter and tube thickness), assuring reliability, repeatability and productivity to the heat exchanger manufacturers.



Thanks to its fifty-year experience in the industry, Maus Italia, a company which is always focudes research, has designed and manufactured the new electrical stations for semi-automatic tube expansion Quadrol 90, deriving from the Quadrol family, whose innovative solutions allow the tube expansion on an industrial scale.

Every component has been redesigned and upgraded, using the most modern and up-to-date technologies, and above all analysing the on-going feedback from our demanding customers; the result is a durable, heavy-duty product for heat exchanger manufacturing workshops. 

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