System for mechanical locking of the tubes to tube-sheet holes before welding


>> Controlled light expansion <<

without contamination 


Hydro-pneumatic portable equipment for the positioning of the tubes (pre-welding)


Maus Italia has designed and implemented an innovative system MaFix 400 for the light expansion of high-quality alloy tubes in heat exchangers or equipments, for example, to nuclear plants, meeting the stringent restrictive rules relating to the exclusion of contaminating materials.


Thanks to the considerable constant working pressure, the system MaFix 400 is able to expand tubes from 5/8” to 1” (16 to 25 mm).

The system MaFix 400 is composed of:


  • Unit PU-400 air-to-water mounted on a trolley
  • High-pressure hydraulic gun HF-6000 with tool holder
  • Tool with polymer expandable ring
  • Hydraulic hose connection - 16,4 Ft (5 m).


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Maintenance and tube bundle dismantling


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