Very low voltage, electric tri-phases rolling machines at variable speed for brushless motors


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Tube rolling equipment with torque-based speed continuous variation for tubes of O.D. from 1/4”up to 2.1/2” (6,3 to 63,5 mm).


As a leader in the field of research, Maus Italia has designed and produced the Matex ts equipment, the digital tube expansion system with torque-based speed continuous variation.
Mainly for demanding users, is similar to the traditional MRS configuration and consists of:


  • digital microprocessor controller Matex ts 2300;
  • Matex R motors low voltage safety rolling machine
    (as with the EC regulations)
    complete with suspension;
  • F/308/HS telescopic shaft
  • F/317/HS quick adapter


Compared to the traditional rolling system with a fixed speed motor, the distinguishing features of the Matex ts are the high productivity, the quality of the expansion and substantial reduction of tool wearing.


The reason for the extraordinary results achieved by Matex ts rolling machine can be found in the latest generation electronic components selected by the technicians of Maus Italia and the experience acquired in the construction of MA-2501 working centre.


  • Productivity +100%
  • Quality +200%
  • Tool wear reduction -30%
  • Maximum safety, low voltage 48V


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