Aerial tube bundle pullers

After having carried out all the operations necessary in the testing phase and having ruled out all forms of on-site partial repairs, or should you simply need to wash the tube bundle, the Heat Exchanger must be remove from shell.

For this purpose, Maus Italia has developed a complete set of tube bundle pullers: specifically, those that are Aerial are more manageable and cheaper but need a mobile crane for lifting them, plus a truck or an appropriate means of transportation to move them.

Aerial Tube bundle pulling Mef Express Maus Italia

ON-SHORE Quick connection aerial tube bundle puller

MEF EXPRESS ( "on-shore" )

Completely designed and manufactured by Maus Italia for the maintenance of heat exchanger tube bundles in petrochemical plants.
With the hydraulic coupling of the tubesheet, you can remove and insert tube bundles during refinery shutdown very quickly and with a consequent reduction of maintenance time.

Mef express NAVY - Aerial quick connecting bundle puller "off shore"

MEF EXPRESS NAVY ( "off-shore" )

This special model of the Mef express was designed to meet the demands of tube bundle extraction on board oil rigs, oceanic oil facilities and oil facilities on board large FPSO vessels.

Aerial Tube bundle pulling Mef Express Maus Italia