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Machinery, tools and automation for heat exchangers To offer the best and to innovate are our primary goals

Maus Italia is a leader in tube expanders production and tube rolling

Maus Italia is a world leader in the manufacture of tools and machinery for the production and maintenance of heat exchangers, condensers and boilers.
What we offer to our customers ranges from an individual special mandrel to completely automatic machinery able to perform more operations, all of which are completely designed and directly manufactured by Maus Italia.

Maus Italia

The group

A farsighted leadership and young, talented technicians with their enthusiasm and skill are a winning combination.

The materials

Extensive research on the materials used in production are responsible for the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products throughout the world.


Undisputed quality, recognized at a global level in the field, is an essential element in the production and tireless research of Maus Italia.


A functional working environment, automatic control of production and the warehouse, and CNC machine tools allow Maus Italia to be the world benchmark in the field.

Our history

More than 55 years of history and experience characterizes the evolution and worldwide success of Maus Italia.


Tireless technological research, constant improvement of production processes and an ever-increasing knowledge of the market drive us on to continually improve ourselves.

Maus Italia

A single source of reference

Maus Italia has positioned itself on a global level as a supplier of all the products necessary for the production and maintenance of tube bundle heat exchangers, boilers and condensers.
The company’s added value is the speed and completeness of the services it offers and its capacity to offer customised products and machines tailored to our customers' needs.

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Giotto - Maus Italia

Discover the new and revolutionary TIG orbital welding system for tube to tube sheet
Meet us at Schweissen & Schneiden - Dusseldorf or on our website from 25th Sept.

Tube expanders

Maus Italia is a company specialized in the production and marketing of tube expanders.
The R Series, produced exclusively by Maus Italia, stands out for its expansion range, reliability and performance.

Tube expanders are tools built with heat-treated alloy steels and they are characterized by their wear- and fatigue-resistance.
They are composed by four main parts: the cage, the mandrel, the rolls and the collar.
Tube expansion operation is a cold mechanical deformation process that achieves a tight seal between the tube and the tube sheet.

Maus Italia

Machines and tools. Tecnology and innovation

MA-2501 - CNC single- or double-axis work centre with mobile base for rolling, facing, grooving and TIG orbital welding of tube bundles

Mobile CNC machining center for tube expansion, end facing, grooving and TIG orbital welding.


Mef express - Aerial quick connecting bundle puller

ON-SHORE Aerial tube bundle puller

Mef Express

Kattex Fix - Hydraulically-operated system for the locking of heat exchanger tubes using tack expansion

Hydraulically-operated system for locking heat exchanger tubes using expansion

Kattex Fix

Matex - Mobile and portable equipment for semi-automatic tube rolling

Portable "hi-tech" equipment and mobile stations for controlled tube rolling expansion


Baffletech twin 2000 - Automatic centre with double head for flaring holes in the heat exchanger baffle

Automatic centre with double head for flaring holes in the heat exchanger baffle

Baffletech twin 2000

Kattex LTP - Hydraulic tube cutter for the single cutting of tubes with long protrusion

Hydraulic tube cutter for cutting individual tubes with long protrusion

Kattex LTP

Maus Italia - Industry 4.0

Discover Maus Italia automation. Enter the Industry 4.0

Discover the technology of our automatic machines

Maus Italia

Automatic positioning TIG orbital welding tube-tube sheet system


The MaTIG-501 makes fully automated tube-tube sheet TIG orbital welding possible at extremely low cost and with a significant reduction in production times.

MaTIG-501 Maus Italia - Automatic positioning tube to tube sheet TIG orbital welding system