In this section: the complete range of Maus Italia products for tube-tubesheet TIG orbital welding

With the establishment of its "Automation and welding division", Maus Italia aims to bring a complete range of products and services for TIG orbital welding to an increasingly demanding market.
The machines that we design and manufacture are the result of decades of experience with hundreds of customers across the five continents.
TIG orbital welding is the preferred high quality process for tube-tubesheet joints for which high precision technology are essential.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Discover the new and revolutionary semi automatic TIG orbital welding system for tube to tube sheet welding

Orbital heads for tube to tube sheet TIG welding for the manufacture of tube bundle heat exchangers.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Automatic self-positioning MaTIG-501 system for TIG orbital welding


The MaTIG-501 system allows you to carry out fully automated tube-tubesheet TIG orbital welding with a considerable reduction in production times and a very high precision which is impossible to meet with the standard orbital welding machine due to the stability and the perfect positioning that only a CNC machine can grant.

MaTIG-501 Maus Italia

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