Kattex Fix - Hydraulically-operated system for the locking of heat exchanger tubes using tack expansion

The Kattex Fix has an innovative system for the instant locking of tubes using a jaw expansion tool which ensures, as well as the desired position in relation to the tube sheet, the tube centering in the tube-sheet hole which is ideal for subsequent proper TIG orbital welding.

  • Fast and accurate
  • High level of repeatability due the automatic cycle

Kattex Fix

Kattex Fix Maus Italia

Special setup of Kattex Fix

The Kattex Fix mechanically expands the tube, a delicate operation which pushes the tube in contact with the tube sheet hole. The expansion of the jaw is controlled by the pressure set on the hydraulic unit with the aim of:

  • replacing the traditional but innacurate tack weld for tube-tube sheet locking
  • guaranteeing perfect centring between the tube axis and the tube sheet hole axis
  • ensuring the locking of the tube in the desired position, allowing the necessary passage of welding gases between the tube and the tube sheet hole to prevent welding defects
  • reduce to a minimum the gap between the external diameter of the tube anthe diameter of the tube sheet hole with a consequent improvement in the weld quality

Dedicated Kattex Fix hydraulic power unit


The Kattex-Fix is powered by a semi-automatic electric hydraulic power unit with an automatic cycle and pressure regulation for the calibration of the adhesion force of the tube to the hole wall.

TP2-EQ2 Power unit

Kattex Fix

Expansion technology

With the expansion of the front jaw, the Kattex Fix mechanically expands the tube for a few millimeters in length until it is lightly fixed with the tube sheet hole, ensuring that it is fixed in the desired position ( pre-TIG orbital welding ).

The Kattex Fix can be configured with two different tools for two working modes

Kattex Fix

K5P Tool

Specific for the tube locking expansion, the tool will be positioned in the beginning of the tube sheet permitting the expansion of the tube in the first 10 – 15 mm.

Kattex Fix

K5PS Tool

Specific for the tube locking expansion, the tool will be positioned inside the tube sheet permitting the expansion of the tube without modifying the inlet of the tube.

Kattex Series Maus Italia

The multipurpose Kattex Series

Maus Italia has widened the use of the Kattex series offering new solutions and innovative features.

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