Kattex LTP - Hydraulic tube cutter for the single cutting of tubes with long protrusion

Innovative patented system for the instant cutting of tubes with long protrusion. The Kattex LTP guarantees a clean result with no metal swarf, in a short time and with a significant increase in productivity. As soon as the excess part has been cut off, the tubes can be quickly end faced using a milling cutter.

The Kattex LTP is for use in the construction of new tube bundles and solves the problem of removal of the excess protruding tube, speeding up and reducing wear of the tools during the tube end facing phase which can be only finished with traditional miling cutters from the Maus Italia Tubend series.

Kattex LTP Maus Italia

Exceptional construction features

Metal swarf-free cutting

The Kattex LTP is a tool which is as simple as it is innovative allowing an accurate cut without metal swarf being produced.

The Kattex LTP also incorporates a manual device for the removal and extraction of the stub that has just been cut.

Kattex LTP Maus Italia

Kattex LTP Maus Italia

Kattex LTP power supply


Semi-automatic electric hydraulic power unit

Kattex Series Maus Italia

The multipurpose Kattex Series

Maus Italia has widened the use of the Kattex series offering new solutions and innovative features.

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