At the pinnacle of the field in Europe and throughout the world since 1961

At the end of the 1950s, Mr. Franco Agostino jumped at the opportunity to learn the art of manufacturing tube expanders from the expert German manufacturer Albert Otto. Subsequently, thanks to his indomitable spirit, his intuition and with the support of his wife, Luisa, Mr. Agostino founded a small factory in Italy which, a few years later, become Maus Italia. In 1972, Maus Italia opened its new headquarters and laid the foundation for the development that is now being carried on by his son, Mr. Stefano, a mechanical engineer who, since 1976, has successfully devoted all his energies to bring Maus Italia to the pinnacle of the field in Europe and worldwide. A functional working environment, PCs, CAD, computer-controlled production, a big warehouse and CNC machines work in conjunction with young and talented technicians whose enthusiasm and skills create a winning combination allowing Maus Italia to be a world benchmark in the field.

Where we are

The group

A farsighted leadership and young, talented technicians with their enthusiasm and skill are a winning combination.

The materials

Extensive research on the materials used in production are responsible for the uniqueness and exclusivity of our products throughout the world.


Undisputed quality, recognized at a global level in the field, is an essential element in the production and tireless research of Maus Italia.


A functional working environment, automatic control of production and the warehouse, and CNC machine tools allow Maus Italia to be the world benchmark in the field.

Our history

More than 60 years of history and experience characterizes the evolution and worldwide success of Maus Italia.


Tireless technological research, constant improvement of production processes and an ever-increasing knowledge of the market drive us on to continually improve ourselves.

Our target. plus.

Integrated quality policy environment. safety. quality.

Maus Italia is fully aware that a responsible economic strategy, aimed at the prevention of problems relating to quality and the environment arising from its activities, is essential for its own success as well as that of its Customers. It also considers the protection of health and safety in the workplace a vital and indispensable element of overall business management.
Maus Italia recognises that the continuous improvement of its own quality, environment and safety performance leads to significant commercial and economic benefits, while at the same time meeting the expectations of Customers, the expected environmental improvements relating to the territorial context within which the Company operates and safety in its workplaces.
From our simplest tool to our automatic tube rolling systems, each component is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in order to ensure the safety of a high quality product able to satisfy all the requirements, even in the most critical conditions. Experience, quality, continuous innovation and a carefully nurtured image, have made Maus Italia the number one in the field at a European level and have placed it among the highest at a global level.
This is down to the commitment of all its staff to work together to ensure the continued growth of the company.

A company’s growth is sometimes natural and inevitable and management’s task is to seek harmony and pursue its objectives, without losing sight of the fundamental characteristics, which the company owes its success to.

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