Tools with internal coolant holes for tubesheet drilling

Our complete range of tools is produced using materials of the highest quality and wear resistance. They are capable of supporting high speeds thanks to a coaxial holes for coolant flow.

  • Tools for tubes from 3/8" to 2" ( from 9,52 to 50,8mm )

Tools for drilling

Tools for drilling Maus Italia

Tools for reaming

Tools for reaming Maus Italia

Tools for grooving

Tools for grooving Maus Italia

First select the "Holetool" series tool according to the diameter of the tube used in the construction of the tubesheet
The table below gives a quick indication of the correct tool. Then refer to the specific tables where more technical details allow you to define your selection.

All tools available for tubesheet preparation.

Rotary distributor

Rotary distributor F/12 Maus Italia

F/10 and F/11 drills
Twist drills in HSS

Twist drills in HSS Maus Italia

F/20 Reamer
WIDIA tungsten carbide inserts

WIDIA tungsten carbide inserts F/20 Maus Italia

F/26 Grooving tool

Grooving tool F/26 Maus Italia

Universal grooving tool

Universal grooving tool F/112 Maus Italia

Universal grooving tool

Universal grooving tool F/120 Maus Italia

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