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The R Series

Maus Italia is a company that specialises in the production and marketing of tube expanders. The R Series, produced exclusively by Maus Italia, stands out for its expansion capacity, reliability and performance.

The R Series tube expander has an adjustable depth and is designed for the rolling of tubes in heat exchangers and boilers. It is operated by either Maus Italia-manufactured pneumatic or electric torque-controlled tube rolling systems.

Tube expanders Maus Italia R Series

The tube expander

The tube expander, constructed with heat-treated alloy steels that are resistant to wear and tear, is composed of four main parts: the cage, the mandrel, the rollers and the bearing collar.

The tooling process begins by introducing the tube expander, with its mandrel fully retracted, into the tube until the collar comes into contact with the tubesheet. The mandrel is then brought into contact with the rollers which rotate due to friction and, by coming into contact with the tube, move the mandrel forward. The rollers, expanded by the advance of the mandrel, compress the tube until it comes into contact with the tubesheet hole and reduce its thickness.

Tube rolling

Tube rolling is a cold mechanical deformation process which achieves a tight coupling between the tube and the tubesheet.

The process is achieved by the expansion of the tube and a reduction in the thickness of the wall against the surface of the tubesheet hole, thanks to a special tool: the tube expander.

Choosing a tube expander

Selecting a tube expander is subject to knowing a number of technical parameters: the external diameter of the tube, the thickness of the tube, the length of expansion or thickness of the tubesheet and finally, the characteristics of the material to be rolled.


Tube rolling is rooted in the industrial England of the 1800s when the increase in the consumption of energy and large investments in industry and production created the need to build bigger and more diverse heat exchangers.

It is in this context that, at the end of the 1950s, Franco Agostino seized the opportunity given to him by the elderly German Albert Otto to learn the art of building tube expanders. Then, thanks to his indomitable spirit and perseverance, Agostino started up the small Italian factory that would, several years later, become Maus Italia. Today Maus Italia has achieved levels of excellence and is a world leader.