Tube rolling ( or expansion ) in the production and maintenance of tube bundle heat exchangers

Maus Italia is a world leader in the production of tube expanders. Tube rolling is a mechanical operation that allows the tightening of one element to another by means of a mechanical deformation known as expansion. This is achieved by means of a tube expander, a tool which allows the deformable section of the element to be enlarged without prejudicing its mechanical integrity.

Tube expansion can be achieved either by mechanical rolling or by high pressure hydraulic expansion.

Mechanical tube rolling

For mechanical tube rolling, as well as a vast range of tube expanders, Maus Italia offers portable semi-automatic electric, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, and fully automated CNC automation systems.

Portable tube rolling

Portable tube rolling Maus Italia

Semi-automatic tube rolling

Semi-automatic tube rolling Maus Italia

CNC Automatic tube rolling

CNC automatic tube rolling Maus Italia

Tube expanders

Tube expanders Maus Italia

Hydraulic expansion

Hydraulic expansion finds its best application in the expansion of tube bundle tubes welded to the tube-sheet. The tubes are expanded up to be in contact with the tube-sheet holes. The speed of its "single pass" execution, especially for expansion lengths exceeding 100 mm ( 4" ), replaces the traditional tube rolling.

Check out below our ultra high pressure hydraulic systems for the expansion of tubes in heat exchangers with a minimum internal diameter of 7.00mm ( 0.276" ) and our exclusive hi-tech model, the Hydrex 5003 S, for the controlled positioning of the tubes before welding ( tack expansion ) and hydraulic anchoring device of the probe during the expansion phase.

Hydrex 5003

Hydrex 5003

Hydrex 5003 S

Hydrex 5003S

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