For the maintenance of tube bundle heat exchangers

Maus Italia is a leader in the design and production of machines and tools of the highest quality for the maintenance of tube bundle heat exchangers. From this page, you can access all the machines offered by Maus Italia for the extraction and transportation of tube bundles, cleaning, cutting, the extraction and capping of tubes. All of our products incorporate cutting-edge technology to make all the operations necessary in cleaning and maintaining tube bundles efficient and functional. Aerial type, Self-positioning or truck-mounted bundle pullers, robots and pumps for external and internal high-pressure cleaning of the tube bundle, Cutting machines for tube bundles, and tools for incising and cutting tubes are just a few of the machines that Maus Italia offers manage efficiently all maintenance operations in any context.

Tube bundle extraction
and transportation

Tube bundle extraction and transportation Maus Italia

Tube and tube bundle

Tube and tube bundle cutting Maus Italia

Stub and tube

Stub and tube extraction Maus Italia

Tube bundle

Tube bundle cleaning Maus Italia

Tube rolling

Tube rolling Maus Italia


Measurement Maus Italia

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