Baffletech twin 2000 - Automatic centre with double head for flaring holes in the heat exchanger baffle up to 2000 mm in Ø (78")

The Baffletech twin 2000, entirely designed and manufactured by Maus Italia, allows the simultaneous flare of the holes on both sides of the baffle in a single pass without the need of additional operations thanks to two opposing heads which are equipped with self-centring tools

Baffletech twin 2000

Exclusive production features

Automated process along roller tables

The baffle are loaded on one the side of the machine, proceeds along roller tables thanks to motored arms, which once the flaring phase is finish, will bring the baffle to the unloading position

Baffletech twin 2000

Baffletech twin 2000

Flaring holes technology

The two thrust collar mounted on the opposing heads will position against the baffle while the two flaring tool will execute the flare according to the machine program.
The flaring of the holes is perfectly centered and is always at the same depth thanks to the zero-set of the tool.

The row of holes is rapidly machined on both sides with the transverse movement of the two independent heads.

Baffletech twin 2000

Automation plus

The Baffletech twin 2000, is equipped with CNC control for:

  • the movement of the baffle
  • the independent positioning of the two heads
  • the movement and independent rotation of the tools
  • programming of the work sequence using dedicated CAD/CAM software developed by Maus Italia

Baffletech twin 2000

High quality and exceptional working speed

  • Baffletech twin 2000 perform a uniform depth flare thanks to the special design of the tilting head
  • Baffletech twin 2000 permit the precise centering of the flare in relation to the axis of the hole due to the innovative self-centring mandrel tool-holder

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Product technical datasheet

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Baffletech twin 2000


Baffletech twin 2000

BundleIN XT60

Baffletech twin 2000