Giotto - Tube to tubesheet TIG orbital welding system for the manufacture of tube bundle heat exchangers

Maus Italia presents its new range of Giotto series orbital heads for tube to tubesheet TIG welding.

Following thousands hours of R&D, tests and prototyping, the result is an outstanding and unprecedented orbital welding head that is a masterpiece developed, manufactured and assembled in Italy, with the extreme precision and quality you would expect from Maus Italia.

The series offers a range models for orbital heads which come with a generator of the latest technology and dedicated software.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Exclusive features

General features of the Giotto welding system

Giotto - Maus Italia

Exclusive TIG welding torch

Unique product of its kind. The new orbital TIG torch has been designed and manufactured entirely by Maus Italia.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Filler wire driving system

The constant flow and rotation of the reel on the orbital axis increases the accuracy and quality of the weld.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Single key settings

Exclusive capability to adjust the geometry of the weld with the single supplied key.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Constant angular velocity

The adjustment system, with its 2-channel, 256-pulse digital encoder with continuous feedback, ensures a uniform and accurate weld.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Electrode angle of incidence

The system which we offer for each weld geometry is accurate and repeatable and facilitates geometric "set-up" operations.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Management of the welding arc

Continuous monitoring of the arc current ensures constant penetration throughout the weld.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Anti-dazzle protection

Allows multiple operators to work simultaneously on the same tube sheet without the need for personal protective equipment ( PPE ).

Giotto - Maus Italia

24/7 use

Water cooling system inside the head for significant weld improvement and guaranteed repeatability.

Giotto - Maus Italia


For tubes from 10.0 to 51.0 mm ( da 0.394" a 2.008" )

Giotto - Maus Italia

  • Micrometric adjustment - Device for adjusting the distance of the electrode from the tubesheet.
  • Complete range of tube centring devices consisting of HS cartridge holding spindles and HC self-centring cartridges.
  • WTC thrust collar systems customised to the geometry of the tube and to the material to be welded with Maus Italia BlockOut screen for anti-dazzle protection.
  • Gas2 direct outlet especially for the use of the WTC-TT thrust collar when welding titanium tubes.

Tangential screw electrode tightening

There is no need for service wrenches and replacement of the worn electrode is fast ( you no longer need to dismantle the ceramic nozzle, its gas diffuser or the filler wire guide ).

Wire feed unit

Fully adjustable in all directions. All manoeuvres can be performed with the single supplied key.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Giotto - Maus Italia

Standard orbital head for tube to tube sheet TIG welding

Giotto Standard

The Giotto orbital head is an unprecedented coalescing of new ideas.

The standard version has all the cutting-edge technological features designed by the Maus Italia R&D staff.
Only intensive use over time in our customers' modern workshops can show the high level of efficiency and quality of the welded product obtained with this new head which has been entirely created by Maus Italia.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Transparent protection

The movement and consumption of the filler wire is always under the operator's eye thanks to the transparent protective inspection window.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Electrode angle of incidence

Thanks to the system's components which have preset angles, each welding geometry is accurate and repeatable.
Facilitates geometric setup operations as well as being extremely stable and robust.

Giotto - Maus Italia

WTC thrust collar systems especially for the geometry of the tube and the material to be welded

Special attention has been paid to the various thrust collar systems for the classical welding geometries. Last, but not least, there is a protective inspection window for welding titanium tubes.

All the systems we offer have the innovative Maus Italia BlockOut screens for anti-dazzle protection.

It is now possible for multiple operators to work simultaneously on the same tube sheet without the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) which is often uncomfortable and slows down productivity.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Giotto - Maus Italia

Orbital head for TIG tube-tube sheet welding with AVC control for continuous arc voltage monitoring

Giotto AVC

In addition to all of the features that are supplied with the standard Giotto head, the AVC model includes automatic arc height control thanks to an innovative manoeuvring system for the torch electrode holder.

The system's main feature is control of the 2-dimensional distance of the electrode which, when suitably combined with the incidence angle of the torch, allows you to manage the height of the arc in both axial and radial directions from the tube being welded.
Automation is managed by a DC motor driven by an absolute encoder.

Giotto AVC - Maus Italia

Special AVC system functions

  • "Touch" - workpiece search and electrode positioning at the desired distance;
  • "Retract" - Pre-set retraction of the electrode and wire nozzle for multiple passes;
  • "Arc height" - Continuous movement of the electrode holder depending upon the arc voltage;

Ohm's First Law relating to AVC management of the voltaic arc in orbital TIG welding

When equal to current intensity, the distance of the electrode from the weld pool is proportional to the voltage of the welding arc. Continuous monitoring of the arc voltage allows modulation of the distance of the electrode from the weld pool with the aim of obtaining constant penetration across all of the weld.

Giotto - Maus Italia

Giotto Air cooler - Maus Italia

Orbital head for typical aircooler geometry which allows passage over the water tank

Giotto aircooler

The special transformation which can be made with the extension to the Giotto standard torch allows you to reach the far end of the tube over the heat exchanger's water tank.

By passing through its locking cap, it is now possible to weld tubes in aircoolers, guaranteeing unprecedented seal quality.
The special attention paid to the design of the filler wire feed system, which rotates indefinitely with the electrode holder, allows you to reach extreme depths whilst maintaining a constant flow of material throughout the weld cycle.

Giotto Aircooler - Maus Italia

Giotto aircooler - Maus Italia

Cartridge with expandable sections mod. HSE

Self-centring system particularly indicated for tube-tube sheet welding of boilers for int. Ø greater than 57 mm ( 2.1/4" ).
In addition to proper centring, support of the orbital head is also guaranteed for vertical "negative head" applications such as in sugar refinery exchangers.


HS Cartridge holder spindles and HC self-centring cartridges for Giotto series orbital heads for tube-tube sheet TIG welding
Centring of the torch is guaranteed by the spindle + cartridge system. Select the correct combination of HS series spindle and HC series cartridge by referring to the table (left) according to the internal diameter of the tube.

Giotto cartucce - Maus Italia

Product technical datasheet

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