Mef fixed NAVY - "Off-shore" remote-controlled stationary puller for the extraction and lifting of tube bundles

The Mef fixed NAVY is a simplified stationary model of the Mef mobil to meet the demands of tube bundle extraction on board oil rigs, oceanic petroleum plants and plants on board FPSO vessels.

Designed and manufactured to satisfy demanding offshore safety and manoeuvrability specifications.

Mef Fixed bundle puller NAVY Maus Italia

Exceptional construction features

Mef Fixed bundle puller NAVY Maus Italia

ATEX certification and functionality on FPSO vessels

The Mef fixed NAVY has been designed and manufactured entirely by Maus Italia, following the most stringent regulations in relation to naval constructions.

The Mef fixed NAVY extractor is available on request complete with an ATEX declaration of conformity covering the whole machine ( motors, electrical system and all components of the machine suitable for work areas classified as hazardous ).

  • ATEX 94/9/CE
  • "Explosion proof" certification – An EC declaration will be issued following compliance with the specifications set forth in ATEX 94/9/EC for Category 3 transformation.
  • On request the new certification: DNVGL-ST-E273

Separate motor and control unit

The Mef fixed NAVY has a separate unit to reduce its overall dimensions.
The motor and control unit are mounted on a stationary external "skid"

Mef Fixed bundle puller NAVY Maus Italia

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Product technical datasheet

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