The reason of this notice
In in this page are described the formalities of management of the site in reference to the treatment of the personal data of the users that consult it. it deals with an informative ( senses of the art. 13 of the legislative decree nr. 196/2003, code regarding the protection of personal data ) to those people that interact with the web services of, accessible trough the address:
The holder of the treatment is ref. to art.7 of the code in subject of protection of personal data. The subjects to which refer the personal data have the right in whatever moment to get the confirmation of the existence or less of the data, to know the content and the origin, to verify its exactness or to ask the integration, the updating or the rectification of it, to ask its cancellation, the transformation anonymously or the block of the data treated in violation of law, as well as to oppose in every case, for legitimate reasons,to their treatment.
The applications in matter must turn to the holder of the treatment.

The holder of their treatment is: Maus Italia S.p.a.

Data voluntarily furnished by the users
The optional sending, explicit or voluntary of mail to the address indicated on this site, involves the following acquisition of the address of he sender, necessary to answer to the applications, as well as of the possible other personal data inserted in the message. informative specification of synthesis is brought in the page of this site predisposed for the application of information. Use of the treatment.
The personal data are treated with authorized instruments for the time tightly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they have been collected. specific safety measures are observed for preventing the loss of the data, illegitimate uses or not correct, and no authorized accesses.

Cookies Policy

Information notice and management of cookies
What are cookies (and similar technologies)
Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by users send to their terminal – computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. – where they are stored so that they can be sent back to the same websites when the same user visits the website again. By browsing on this website, you may receive only cookies sent directly from our website and managed by our company.

A – Cookies managed by our company
All the cookies described in this section are sent directly from this website and managed directly by our company, Maus Italia S.p.a., Bagnolo Cremasco ( CR ), SP 415 KM 30 ( nuova strada di arrocco ), VAT and registration number 00141010199. Technical cookies are used without requiring consent from the user, but can be disabled. Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196/03, the user may, at any moment, prior to a request sent to the e-mail address, request confirmation of the existence of processing of the data in question and its purpose, an indication of the origin of the data, an indication of the logic applied to the processing, the indication of all the elements indicated above, as well as:

updating, correcting, integrating the data;
cancelling, anonymizing or blocking the data processed in violation of the law.
On this website are not used profiling cookies.

Technical cookies
These cookies are aimed at maintaining an adeguate functioning of the navigation or at increasing the functionality or performance of the website. They are not used for further purposes and are managed directly by our company.

They are broken down into:
a) browsing or session cookies: their purpose is to guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website, by using different options or services. These cookies permit, for instance, to store elements characterising a specific request, like making a purchase or undersigning the participation in an event;
b) analytics cookies: they are cookies which collect information on the number of users and on how they visit the website, for instance information on which pages or sections of pages are viewed most often and which pages indications of malfunctioning are received. The information is collected in an aggregated and anonymous form;
c) functionality cookies: they are cookies which allow the user to navigate in accordance with a series of selected criteria (like language, text characters, type of browser for instance) in order to improve the service rendered.
All these cookies are automatically enabled.

You can manage your cookie preferences using your browser too
If you do not know the type and version of the browser you are using you can click on “Help” in the browser window at the top, which will give you all the necessary information. If you know your browser, click on the one you are using to access the cookie management page.