F/707 - Internal mechanical gauge with 3 points of contact for tubesheet holes and heat exchanger tubes
( resolution 0,05 mm )

Maus Italia has expanded its range of internal gauges with the new F/707 model. Its ease of use guarantees instantaneous and highly accurate measurements ( in either mm or inches ).
The F/707 is a mechanical gauge for interiors, with a rotating dial and 3 points of contact, and has been designed for measuring diameters of tubesheet holes and tube interiors before and after expansion.

The F/707 model, which is particularly accurate, is dust- and splash-resistant: newly designed, this model is supplied with a calibration ring.

F/707 Maus Italia

Standard supply:

  • Elegant wooden box with anti-shock shaped foam padding
  • Calibration ring
  • Small flat head screwdriver for maintenance
  • Multipurpose wrench for maintenance
  • Reading dial in mm and inches
F/707 Maus Italia

Diameters e depths

The F/707 mechanical gauge is for:

  • diameters from 9,52 and 50,80 mm ( from 3/8" and 2" )
  • depths up to 203,20 mm ( 8" ), without the aid of extensions

For greater depths, a fixed extension of 203.2 mm ( 8" ) can be added which doubles its reach.

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Product technical datasheet

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