Mef express NAVY - Aerial quick connecting bundle puller "off shore"

This special model of the Mef express was designed to meet the demands of tube bundle extraction on board oil rigs, oceanic oil facilities and oil facilities on board large FPSO vessels.

The Mef express NAVY has been designed and manufactured to meet the specific demands of off-shore safety and manoeuvrability, reducing as far as possible the dimensions of the machine in consideration of the reduced spaces on board.

The great solidity and robustness of the structure, combined with exclusive innovative improvements make this machine an extremely reliable work tool. In particular, this "off-shore" model is equipped with a special device that blocks any rocking of the bundles generated by the rolling of the sea.

Aerial tube bundle extractor Mef express NAVY Maus Italia

Exceptional construction features

Aerial tube bundle extractor Mef express NAVY Maus Italia

ATEX certification and functionality on FPSO vessels

The Mef express NAVY has been designed and manufactured entirely by Maus Italia following the strictest regulations relating to shipbuilding.

It has many similarities with the Mef express “on-shore” model as a rapid extraction system.

The Mef express NAVY tube bundle pullers are available on request complete with an ATEX declaration of conformity covering the entire machine ( motors, electric unit and all components of the machine suitable for work areas classified as hazardous ).

  • ATEX 94/9/CE
  • "Explosion proof" certification – an EC declaration will be issued according to the specifications set forth in ATEX 94/9/EC for Category 3G transformation
  • On request the new certification: DNVGL-ST-E273

Van Motor NAVY - Separate motor and control unit

The Van Motor NAVY is a self-positioning trolley comprising a hydraulic control unit powered by an explosion-proof transformed diesel motor.

The Van Motor NAVY can be used to control both the Mef express NAVY and the Mef mobil NAVY.

Using this system reduces the weight and dimensions of the operating machines, making access to otherwise inaccessible points in the system possible.
The motor and the control unit are mounted on a trolley with a driver station and self-braking system.

Van Motor NAVY Maus Italia

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