F/602 Series

The F/602 tube expander consists of either 3 or 5 expansion rolls and a beading washer. The F/602 simultaneously performs expansion and beading of the tubes. The reduced taper of the mandrel and of the expansion rolls allows the expander to work gradually and to therefore re-bead the tube edge in perfect synchronisation with the rolling.
The F/602 tube expander, fitted with a mandrel feed stop device, makes a perfect rounding of the bead possible without compromising the efficacy of the rolling.

As with all Maus Italia products, the F/602 tube expanders have high quality features:

  • Special hardened alloy steels.
  • Grinded rolling surface

  • Technical parameters

    • Tubes with external diameter from 1.1/2" to 3" ( from 38,1 to 76,2 mm )

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