Hydrol 20.1 - Hydraulic rolling system with single tube rolling head and torque control

The Hydrol 20.1 is an entry-level hydraulic rolling system and is characterised by a single portable tube rolling head.

Hydrol 20.1 Maus Italia

Key features that make all the difference

The Hydrol system comprises:

  • A Hydrol 20.1 control and power unit
  • 1 HM hydraulic rolling head complete with carrying case, selected according to the desired working torque
  • 1 HR fixed connector
  • 2 high pressure hydraulic hoses, 10m ( 32.8 Ft )
  • 1 portable pushbutton control panel for manual remote control with 10m cable ( 32.8 Ft )
Hydrol 20.1 Maus Italia

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