HSS twist drills with channels to allow flow of coolant fluid
Right hand cutting – N execution

Twist drills are manufactured using high-quality materials with ISO h8 tolerance and are designed to drill the pre-hole with right hand cutting, - N execution and with Morse taper shank.

They come in two versions for holes from 9,50 to 50,80 mm ( from 0,354" to 1,969" ):

  • Model F/10 for standard drilling depths
  • Model F/11 for deeper drilling depths

F10 Drill

Drill F/10 Maus Italia

F11 Drill

Drill F/11 Maus Italia

Rotary coolant distributor F/12 Maus Italia

Rotary coolant distributor for use with "Holetool" series tools


Completely designed and manufactured by Maus Italia using quality materials, the F/12 allows the coolant flow to reach, from inside, directly the cutting tip and ensures the longevity and high performance of "Holetool" series.
The F/12 is available as a standard model with a Morse taper shank and, on request, as a model with an ISO 40 taper shank.
The F/12 needs to be used in conjunction with the F/13 reduction bushes.

Used in conjunction with the F/13 bush.

Reducing bush for use with "Holetool" series


Designed and manufactured by Maus Italia, the F/13 series reducing bush is available in 3 sizes to allow connection with the "Holetool" Morse taper No. 2, No.3 and No.4.

Used in conjunction with the F/12 rotary distributor.

F/13 Maus Italia