F/20 - Reamers with Tungsten carbide inserts for tubesheet holes

Complete series of reamers for tubesheet holes with Tungsten carbide inserts and channel for coolant flow.
Made with high quality materials and having a ISO h8 tolerance, the reamers are supplied with a Morse taper shank connection.
They are built of in two modular parts for a significant reduction in production costs. The cutting inserts are installed geometrically at the end of the F20-BDY body to optimise the cut according to the size of the hole.

  • The F/20s are designed for holes diam from 9,75 to 51,50 mm ( from 0.384" to 2.028" ) and with a depth up to 195 mm ( 7.677" ).
  • F/20s, customised for size and number of cutting edges, are available upon request.

Reaming tool F/20 Maus Italia

Rotary coolant distributor F/12 Maus Italia

Rotary coolant distributor for use with "Holetool" series


Completely designed and manufactured by Maus Italia using quality materials, the F/12 allows the coolant flow to reach, from inside, directly the cutting tip and ensures the longevity and high performance of "Holetool" series.
The F/12 is available as a standard model with a Morse taper shank and, on request, as a model with an ISO 40 taper shank.
The F/12 needs to be used in conjunction with the F/13 reduction bushes.

Used in conjunction with the F/13 bush.

Reducing bush for use with "Holetool" series


Designed and manufactured by Maus Italia, the F/13 series reducing bush is available in 3 sizes to allow connection with the "Holetool" Morse taper No. 2, No.3 and No.4.

Used in conjunction with the F/12 rotary distributor.

F/13 Maus Italia