Complete range of machines for portable mechanical tube rolling

Maus Italia is a world leader in the production of tube expanders. With a long experience in this field, it has designed and manufactured a series of machines for tube rolling, constantly improving the operating and quality standards of the market in this type of tooling.

Below is an overview of the exclusive Maus Italia products for semi-automatic tube rolling, divided by type of power supply: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric and their related accessories.

Torque-controlled pneumatic rolling systems

Quick, lightweight and safe, Maus Italia pneumatic rolling systems are the ideal solution for manufacturers who are equipping themselves for the first time for tube rolling, and for maintenance staff who want to work on the system “on-site” in conditions of quality and safety.

  • Minirol for the assembly of air conditioners and chillers
  • Macrol for the maintenance of heat exchangers on site
  • Masterol for the assembly of boilers


Minirol Maus Italia


Macrol Maus Italia


Masterol Maus Italia

Electric tube rolling systems

Portable electrical equipment for controlled rolling of tubes of external diameter
from 1/2" up to 1.1/2" ( from 12,7 up to 38,1 mm )


Portrol401 Maus Italia

Tube rolling system accessories

Series of Maus Italia accessories used in mechanical transmission during tube rolling


Tube rolling Accessories Maus Italia

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