Automatic work centre for rolling of tube bundle tubes

MAUS ITALIA has solved the problem of production of tube bundle batches with small dimension with an automatic tube rolling work centre complete with innovative solutions, such as:

  • machine vision system for rapid centring of holes;
  • multiple fixing templates with vertical loading for the assembly of tube bundles and precise positioning for bundle;
  • pallets for the loading/unloading of tube bundle batches in front of the MA-400

MA-400 Maus Italia

The revolution is in the automation

Automatic CNC tube rolling work centre with machine vision and pallet change

Quality, uniformity and repeatability of the tube-tubesheet joint guaranteed

MA 400 - Maus Italia

Quality, uniformity and repeatability of the tube-tubesheet joint guaranteed

MA 400 - Maus Italia

Unparalleled productivity

A series of measures and applied technologies allow the MA-400 to work at high speed with the achievement of more than 600 tube expansions per hour

MA 400 - Maus Italia

Total automation

The MA-400 productive process does not require the continual presence of an operator who can then, as a result, dedicate his time to the preparation of the next pallet to avoid machine down times

MA 400 - Maus Italia

Immediate programming directly from the tube sheet design

The software created by MAUS ITALIA, known as MausCAM, has evolved to aid the MA-400 as an interface for X-Y programming by reading the CAD drawing of the drilling pattern of the tube sheet

MA 400 - Maus Italia

Self-learning machine vision centring system

The necessity of reducing production times has led the MAUS ITALIA technical staff to make use of a camera, thus avoiding any type of mechanical contact for the centring of the tubes.

MA 400 - Maus Italia

Operational simplicity

The extremely user-friendly control console ensures access to all parameters by the operator

MA 400 - Maus Italia

Tube rolling always certified

Each tube expansion with X-Y position, expansion and torque data is monitored in real time and the information collected constitutes the report for certifying the completed work

Operation with tube bundle batches pallet change

  • Easy positioning
    References and mechanical feedback on the MA-400 and its pallets make positioning of the tube bundle batch easy and precise

  • Automatic workpiece zero
    Thanks to the use of a machine vision system, the procedure for centring the tubes is guaranteed automatically and in short times without any mechanical contact

  • Operation
    The MA-400 works autonomously by following the program set using the dedicated MausCAM software and expand each tube of the tube bundle batch by passing from one bundle to the next

  • New pallet preparation
    While the pallet is being processed, the operator can get the next pallet ready so as to reduce downtime

  • Pallet changet
    When processing is finished, the MA-400 waits in stand-by mode for the pallet to be changed by the operator who replaces it and unloads the tube bundles which have already been processed

MA400 - pallet change -  Maus Italia

MA 400 - MausCAM - Maus Italia


Interface software for X-Y programming

Created by MAUS ITALIA technical staff to facilitate the expansion of work cycles, it allows the automatic processing of a CAD design of the tubesheet hole pattern

DXF from standard CAD
The system is based on reading the DXF drawing interchange format and is able, in a few steps, to process the CAD file of the tube sheet and automatically obtain the matrix of the coordinates of the tubesheet holes.

Interactive processinga
During processing, you can check and optimise the path according to its position or geometry. If the tubesheet is larger than the available stroke, you can subdivide the tubesheet into multiple sectors that will be processed at different times.

OFCS 4 Sight - MA 400 - Maus Italia

FOCS 4 Sight

Self-learning centring system with camera

Machine vision system for the automatic centring of tubes without mechanical contact. Combines higher rapidity with extreme precision guaranteeing:

Immediate identification of the zero work piece;
Detection and automatic correction of any hole positioning errors;
Programmable intervention for each tube and at regular intervals;

MA 400 - Maus Italia

MA 400 - CNC controller - Maus Italia

CNC control console

User friendly

Located to ensure maximum visibility of the work zone, it is extremely user-friendly and ensures maximum operational simplicity and access to all parameters by the operator.

Real-time report for a tube expansion which is always certified
The constant and growing demand for documentation suitable for certifying the total quality of the jobs is satisfied by thorough and detailed data archiving.
The report file, as well as recording the dimensional measurement of the rolled tube, also saves its position on the matrix of tubesheet holes, ensuring total traceability of each operation without the possibility of error.

MA 400 - Maus Italia

MA 400 - smart factory - Maus Italia
MA 400 - Industria 4.0 - Maus Italia

Maus Italia machinery will transform you into a Smart Factory!

The compliance of the MA-400 with the requirements of the "INDUSTRY 4.0" system has been examined by an accredited third party and has been deemed adequate to allow interconnection between the machine and company systems.

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