TP60-HDE - PLC-controlled, electric Heavy Duty hydraulic power unit

Evolution of the TP60-E power unit, the TP60-HDE stands out for its use in particularly demanding conditions.

Its special unique features and components make it an ideal partner for tube bundle maintenance professionals:
Double pulling speed: preserves the TPM pulling spear and guarantees better functionality.

Designed and manufactured by Maus Italia to operate the following pulling gun:

  • Runpul series automatic continuous tube pullers
  • Onlypul series semiautomatic continuous tube pullers
  • Grippul 11 stub puller hydraulic gun
  • Kattex 6 series

Power unit Heavy Duty TP60 Maus Italia

The TP60-HDE is particularly recommended for heavy-duty maintenance jobs where high quality and pulling speed are required.

  • Maximum developed pressure: 350 bar / 5075 psi
  • Independent management of two pulling speeds
  • The TP60 is directly controlled by the operator ( with a control on the pulling gun ), substantially increasing productivity

Main advantages

Exclusive features and PLC control

  • TEFC electric motor powered by 7,8 Kw ( 4-pole 1500 rpm )
  • Maximum flow rate of 60 litres
  • Pump with variable flow rate with maximum pressure up to 350 bar ( 5075 psi )
  • Improved oil cooler to ensure constant power
  • Semi automatic and automatic pulling cycle
  • User interface completely renewed in all hardware components; the new electrical system is built-in a cabinet classified IP55, improvement on the PLC software permitting a better control during the tube extraction
  • The new design of the TP60-HDE allows the storage of both the hydraulic hoses and and the pulling gun which can be easily accommodated on their appropriate cradles.

Power unit Heavy Duty TP60 Maus Italia

Product technical datasheet

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