Automatic positioning tube to tubesheet TIG orbital welding system

MAUS ITALIA presents the evolution of its TIG orbital welding work centre with new functional, ergonomic and aesthetic solutions, in response to practical requests from its increasingly demanding customer base.
With its Giotto 250 Auto welding head, graphic interface, MausCAM software and many other components of the highest quality, a milestone has been reached in the quality control of the tube-tubesheet welded joint.

  • Used for over 20 years in workshops across the globe
  • The MaTIG 502 has consolidated its place in the MAUS ITALIA products hall of fame.

Matig 502

From extraordinary to revolutionary in 4 key points

NEW MaTIG 502 general features

Matig 502 - Maus Italia

Filler wire automation

Control of the flow, the end of the reel and the rotation of the spool on the orbital axis increases the repeatability of the weld.

Matig 502 - Maus Italia

Management of the welding arc

Continuous monitoring of the welding current ensures constant penetration across the whole weld.

Matig 502 - Maus Italia

Laser centring probe

Unique centring system guarantees the highest precision in the geometries of the welded joints.

Matig 502 - Maus Italia

MausCAM - CAD/CAM software

Dedicated software for intuitive DXF programming for the construction of the tubesheet drilling coordinate matrix.

Matig 502 - Maus Italia

Electrode angle of incidence

Thanks to a set up with predetermined angles, repeatability of the weld is guaranteed over time.

Matig 502 - Maus Italia

INTERPOL 3 Variable radius AVC3D

In multi-pass welding, the radius is controlled and interpolated by CNC, reducing production times even further.

Matig 502 - Maus Italia

Protection of the tube

The integrated rotating purging system guarantees protection of the tube interior during welding.

Matig 502 - Maus Italia

Additional gas

Introduction of a third gas line and separate flow management on each line.

Matig 502

Enter the Industry 4.0 with MaTig-501

The CNC/PLC machine manufactured by Maus Italia perfectly follows the requirement of the "Internet of things" being equipped of systems that allows to obtain data and statistics indispensable for handling the internal process and to be able to take strategic decision for the company development.
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Discover the new software that can transport your company in the Industry 4.0"

Industry 4.0 Maus Italia


24/7 use Cooling system inside torch

Effective water cooling system inside the MaTIG 502 orbital welding head guarantees:

  • control of the internal temperature of the rotating joint even at high welding amperages;
  • continuous use in 24/7 shifts;
  • high quality of the weld puddle (the lower average temperature of the electrode and of the protection gas crossing it);
  • significant improvement in welding performance;

Laser centring probe FOCS2

Self-learning FOCS2 laser centring system which can work in sync with the CNC as well as independently.
Unique self-learning electro-pneumatic centring system guaranteeing precision of the geometries of the welded joints managed by dedicated MAUS ITALIA software.


Protection of the tube "purging" system

The integrated rotating purging system guarantees under head protection of the tube during welding.

Electrode angle of incidence

Thanks to components with preset angles, the system setting is absolute and repeatable for all welding geometries.
Facilitates geometric set up operations as well as being extremely stable and robust.

Unique TIG welding torch

The only product of its kind. The new orbital TIG welding torch has been designed and manufactured in its entirety by MAUS ITALIA. The new electrode clamping system with tangent screws does not require service keys and makes replacing the worn electrode quick (it is no longer necessary to dismantle the ceramic nozzle, the relevant gas diffusor and the filler wire guide).

The wire feed assembly is fully adjustable in all directions. All operations are carried out with a single supplied key.

Matig 502

Matig 502

Automation of the filler wire

  • Control of the actual flow of the filler material
  • End of reel control and signalling
  • Wire feed system (indefinitely) rotates on orbital axis to allow a regular and constant flow of filler wire to the weld poddle during welding

Variable digital radius

In multi-pass welding, the rotation radius of the electrode can be controlled and interpolated by the CNC

Quick change
Quick welding head alignment

New hardware solutions provide quick alignment of the welding head with the axes of the MaTIG502 in case of disassembly or replacement for maintenance, reducing downtime.



Conversion software for X-Y programming starting from CAD drawing used for tubesheet holes drilling

DXF from CAD standard
The system is based upon the reading of the DXF drawing interchange format and is able, in a few steps, to process the CAD files of the tube sheet and automatically obtain the matrix of the coordinates of the tubesheet holes.

Interactive processing
During processing it is possible to control and optimise the path according to the position or the geometry. If the tube sheet is larger than the usable stroke, it is possible to divide the program into several successive parts.

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