Mef ShopIN - Inserter for tube bundles with maximum tubesheet diameter: 2000mm ( 78" )

The Mef ShopIN is a self-sufficient machine which, without the aide of a bridge crane, solves the problems of insertion and extraction quickly, correctly and safely.

Mef ShopIN Maus Italia

The numbers that count and which make all the difference

Outstanding features

The machine comprises a fixed frame which rests on the ground using four stabilising feet to allow levelling.
Four hydraulic columns fitted on the fixed frame allow the mobile frame upon which the main hydraulically-powered carriage runs to be raised ( the part that ensures the driving force required for insertion and extraction ).
The ability for the mobile frame to move laterally and longitudinally ensures a precise and speedy alignment of the bundle to the mantle.
To increase operational safety, the Mef ShopIN is remote-controlled ( wireless model also available ) which allows the operator to manage the machine’s main movements from nearby.

Mef ShopIN Maus Italia

Our added value

The experience that Maus Italia has built up in the construction of pullers ( off-ground, self-positioning and off-shore ) has allowed it to build a machine especially for the modern heat exchanger manufacturer.
Maus Italia can supply a fully-customised machine according to customer requirements.

Mef ShopIN Maus Italia

Mef ShopIN Maus Italia

External power unit

The Mef ShopIN is supplied with a trolley-mounted and independent electric hydraulic power unit of suitable capacity and performance. Complete with a hose reel with locking system, it ensures quick and easy release and manoeuvrability.

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Product technical datasheet

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