F/796 - Motorised tube cutter for cutting the tube protrusion of the tube from the tube sheet. Suitable for tube OD from 1/2" to 1.1/2" ( from 12,70 to 38,10 mm )

Used in the manufacture of new tube bundles, this tool addresses the total removal of excess tube lengths, up to 70mm in protrusion ( 2.756" ). This tool, which can be used instead of the Kattex LTP, is designed to be use before portable milling cutters, significantly reducing cutting times and wear on the tools.

The F/796 model is chosen according to the external diameter and thickness of the tube to be cut.
The SET of 3 bushes/pilot, supplied separately according to specific needs, allows the tool to be guided properly inside the tube and to perform a precise cut. By keeping the same tool and replacing only the calibrated SET of bushes/ pilot will allows you to work on tubes of different thicknesses with the same external diameter.

The F/796 tube cutter is inserted into the tube until it comes up against the tube sheet; the point at which it stops is determined by the adjustable thrust-bearing collar. A rotating blade is gradually pressed against the internal tube wall until the cut is complete. The tool is operated by an MBOS 16-2 or MOF series portable electric or pneumatic motor.

The HSS blades can be coated, on request, with titanium Aluminium nitride - TiAIN

Tube cutter F/796 Maus Italia

Bell trimmer cutter F/751R Maus Italia

F/751R - Rotating bell trimming cutter for tube end-facing with HSS cutting tools

F/751R, with right hand cutting, is used after tube rolling, for trimming the tubes of the second tubesheet to the desired protrusion ( also suitable for finishing ). The rotating bell protects the tubesheet surface against marking during the trimming process also regulating the final protrusion of the tube.

The tool is selected according to the external diameter and thickness of the BWG tube; a steel rotary guiding bush/pilot is used to keep the F/751R in position ( not supplied with the tool, to be ordered separately according to specific requirements ).

Fresa F/752R Maus Italia

F/752 - Milling cutter for end-facing, chamfering and removing solder from tubes

Milling cutter F/753 Maus Italia

F/753 - Adjustable combined milling cutter for simultaneous deburring and chamfering of external and internal tube diameters

The F/753 with right hand cutting, is a combination of two tools for simultaneous deburring and chamfering of the tube externally and internally at 90° by using 3 cutting edges.

The tool is selected according to the external and internal diameters of the tube.

MBOS 16-2 e MOF

MBOS 16-2 e MOF - Portable electric and pneumatic engine for operating Tubend series tools

The diagram alongside gives an outline of the equipment, complete with necessary fittings, for operating the Tubend series of tools for end-facing tubes.