Hydrex 5003 S – "Hi-tech" ultra high pressure hydraulic system for expanding heat exchanger tubes and for the controlled positioning of the tubes before welding ( tack expansion ) and the controlled positioning of the probe during expansion

Hydraulic expansion finds its best application in the expansion of welded tubes for the fixing of the tube in the tube sheet hole, thanks to its exceptionally fast and competitive "single pass" execution, especially for expansion lengths exceeding 100 mm ( 4" ) where it replaces traditional expansion.

The Hydrex 5003 S is the full-featured model of the 5003 series that Maus Italia has developed for typical use in the nuclear industry or for the processing of top-of-the-range heat exchanger tubes.
The Hydrex 5003 S features:

  • A new lightweight model probe holder with an extremely ergonomic handle.
  • The HF-6000 for positioning the tube before welding ( tack expansion ) which provides the correct conditions for TIG welding
  • The 2TH-400 hydraulic probe holder which, by anchoring itself to the tubes adjacent to the tube to be expanded, supports the HDP-4000 probe holder and maintains the probe's longitudinal position during the expansion process
  • An update of the mechanics and electronics which make it extremely flexible and easy to handle
  • New software that allows you to export/print various work reports
  • Digital programming of the electronic control for the ultra high pressure

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

The features that make all the difference

The Hydrex 5003 S comprises:

Hydraulic power unit

trolley-mounted on pivoting wheels with 9" touch screen control panel and CCP and SAC dedicated software.

HDP-400 Probe holder

with probe insertion controller, quick coupling for probe change, integral remote control and 5m ( 16.4 Ft ) electric connection cable.

HF-600 Hydraulic gun

for positioning the tube prior to welding ( tack expansion ) providing the preconditions for correct TIG welding ( pre-welding ).

2TH-400 device

for anchoring to the adjacent tubes to support the HDP-4000 gun during expansion.

HWH-4000 Ultra-high pressure hose

5m ( 16.4 Ft ) in length for connecting the power unit to the probe.

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

Exclusive CCP control system

Continuous control for the ultra high pressure needed for tube expansion, designed by Maus Italia to eliminate out-of-tolerance expansions.

HDP-4001 Probe holder

Quick coupling probe holder with ergonomic aluminium handle and probe attachment in special material for high pressures.

Ergonomic, lightweight and with integrated remote control ( 24V ) for managing the beginning and the end of the cycle.

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

2TH-400 Hydraulic anchoring device

Hydraulic device for supporting the HDP-4001 probe holder to maintain the probe’s longitudinal position.

The high precision of the expansion position preserves the weld.

Elimination of "crevice corrosion" and welding cracks with the aid of the 2TH-400:

The double tube holder system anchors itself perfectly to the lateral tubes, ensuring a stable and constant positioning of the probe during the expansion phase.

HF-6000 Hydraulic gun Tack expansion

Portable hydraulic gun for the controlled positioning of the tube prior to welding.

The main function of this tool is the locking of the tubes in the desired position, by a approaching juxtaposing lightly with the tube sheet hole without contaminating it ( a specific requirement in the nuclear sector ), providing the preconditions for a correct TIG welding operation.

Internal tube diameters
Must be between 8 mm and 30 mm ( between 0.315" and 1.181" )

HF-6000 Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

Control console Hydrex 5003 S

CControl console with 9” touch screen display for intuitive control of all working parameters

Thanks to the use of a last generation touch screen control panel, the Hydrex 5003 is extremely simple to learn and use on a daily basis.

  • The CCP software allows the continuous control of the ultra-high pressure needed for expansion and the digital programming of the value of the pressure to be reached has been designed by Maus Italia to eliminate out-of-tolerance expansions.
  • The SAC software is an advanced calculation system for determining the working pressure according to the characteristics of the tube and the tube sheet.
  • Capacity to store work reports and save on a memory stick programs and reports of pressure values.

Specific tools for the Hydrex 5003 S

Quick coupling probe with fixed and variable diameter for the hydraulic expansion of tube for use with the HDP-4001 probe holder

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

FDP Fixed diameter probe

For the expansion of tubes with a diameter from 8,0 to 30,0 mm ( from 0.315" to 1.181" )

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

VDP Variable diameter probe

For the expansion of tubes with a diameter from 15,9 to 50,8 mm ( from 0.626" to 2" )

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

PDP Precise diameter probe

Specifically designed for the nuclear sector, it prevents contamination of the tube material asa result of contact with the probe's metallic parts.
For the expansion of tubes with a diameter from 15,9 a 50,8 mm ( da 0.626" fino a 2" )

Hydrex 5003S Maus Italia

TTE Quick-connecting TTE

This quick-connecting tool from the TTE series for Tack Expansion has a steel body and an expanding tool with expandable polymeric rings to ensure the locking of the tube inside the tube sheet hole without any carbon contamination.

Product technical datasheet

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Hydrex 5003

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