Products for cutting tubes and tube bundles

During maintenance, partial or total retubing of the tube bundle may be necessary. During this process, one of the main operations is the cutting of individual tubes or of the entire tube bundle.

See below the cutting machines and tools which have been entirely designed and built by Maus Italia.

Band saw for cutting the tube bundle

BundleCut Evolution

The standard model is for tubesheets with a diameter up to 2000 mm ( 78" ), also available the special version that can cut tube sheet diameters up to 3000 mm ( 118" ).

BundleCut Evolution Maus Italia

Multi-use portable hydraulic tool for the incising and cutting of tubes

Kattex Cut

The Kattex Cut, patented Maus Italia product, instantly cuts the tubes from the tube bundle from the inside, without the productiomn of swarf.

KattexCut Maus Italia

Motor operated tube cutters


Motorised tube cutter for internal cutting of individual tubes.
Adjustable depth from 50.8 to 152,4 mm ( from 2" to 6" ) also available in the L series which can cut up to 304,8 mm ( 12" ) in depth.

Tube cutter F/794 Maus Italia

F/790 One-revolution tube cutter


Manual tube cutter, adjustable depth from 50,8 a 152,4 mm ( da 2" a 6" ). The F/790 has been designed for manual use with a spanner.

Tube cutter F/790 Maus Italia

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