Kattex Cut - Multiuse portable hydraulyc tools for the incising of tubes with O.D. up to 107,95 mm ( 4.1/4" )
Ensures the rapid recovery of the tubesheet by facilitating tube extraction

Maus Italia has solved the problem of tubesheet safeguarding and recovery during the dismantling of heat exchangers.

  • Depth of cut adjustable from 10 mm to 465 mm ( from 0.394" to 18.387" )
The Kattex Cut, a patented Maus Italia product, instantly cuts the tubes from the tube bundle from the inside, without production of swarf, thus facilitating subsequent operations, such as:

  • The extraction of tube pieces with Grippul series extractor
  • The extraction of the tubes with Runpul series continuous extractors

Kattex Cut Maus Italia

Exceptional construction features

Metal swarf-free cutting

The Kattex Cut works on the inside of the tube to be cut and, thanks to the hydraulic force from its dedicated power unit, expands the incisor/cutter ( K5K or K12K ) that penetrates the thickness of the tube. The incising of the tube is sufficient to create a breaking point and facilitate subsequent extraction operations.

If necessary, for a complete cutting of the tube, repeat the operation by rotating the device.

Kattex Cut Maus Italia

Kattex Cut peculiarities

Kattex Maus Italia


Using hydraulic drive, the Kattex Cut deive gives the tools a radail expansion by incising the tube thickness creating the breaking point, ensuring high productivity.

Kattex Maus Italia

Clean results - Swarf-free cutting

The Kattex Cut, thanks to its patented cutting system, does not leave any metallic residue inside the tube, giving a result which is always "clean".

Kattex Maus Italia

Muti-power - Different power supplies

The Kattex Cut's hydraulic drive is given by using the Maus Italia TP2 series hydraulic power units in either the Electric and Pneumatic versions.

Kattex Maus Italia

Wide-range - Wide range of applications

Thanks to the different sizes ok Kattex, the Kattex Cut device allows the intervention of tubes up to 4" ( 101,60 mm ) for the prdoduction of industrial boilers.

Work procedure

  • Insertion
    Insert the Kattex Cut into the tube as far as the thrust collar

  • Instant cutting
    Press the button until the tube is incised

  • Release
    Press the button until the tube unlocks and the tube is released

  • Removal
    Extract the Kattex Cut from the cut tube and proceed with cutting or with the extraction of the tube stub with a Grippul series extractor

Kattex Cut -  Maus Italia

Kattex Maus Italia

Kattex Cut power supply

TP2-E and TP2-EQ2

Semi-automatic electric hydraulic power unit


Semi-automatic pneumatic hydraulic unit

The Kattex Cut is available in two models

Kattex Maus Italia


The Kattex-6 is for tubes from 1/2" up to 1.1/2" ( from 12,70 up to 38,10 mm )

Kattex Maus Italia


The Kattex-12 is for tubes from 1" up to 4" ( from 25,40 up to 101,60 mm )

Kattex Series Maus Italia

The multipurpose Kattex Cut Series

Maus Italia has widened the use of the Kattex series offering new solutions and innovative features.

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Product technical datasheet

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