Special machines for the insertion and handling of tube bundles

During the final phase in the construction of heat exchangers, the insertion of the tube bundle inside the shell can compromise the integrity of the almost finished product.
With its special BundleIn and MefShopIN machines, Maus Italia offers two original and exclusive solutions that are designed to cover the entire range of requirements.
These products have been designed to meet the growing needs of this operation for the quality, safety and speed.

BundleIN Maus Italia

Tube bundle insertion for heat exchangers

BundleIN XT60

This piece of equipment, attached to a bridge crane, quickly and safely solves the problems faced when inserting the heavy tube bundle inside the shell.

Tube bundle inserter / puller for fixed-location heat exchangers

Mef ShopIN

The MefShopIN is a self-contained machine which, without the aid of an overhead crane, quickly, properly and safely solves the problem of insertion and extraction.

Mef ShopIN Maus Italia