BundleTutor mobil
For the quick, safe and secure independent handling of the tube bundle

MAUS ITALIA offers the BundleTutor mobil for the handling of tube bundles independently of cranes and trucks inside the plant, speeding up loading and unloading of Mef express HT bundle extractors and transportation from the extraction point to the washing area or maintenance workshop.

The MAUS ITALIA team is available to design custom solutions to provide solutions for extreme cases and ATEX explosion proof and NAVY versions for the o shore market.

BundleTutor mobil - Self-propelling transporter for the handling of tube bundles

Important features

BundleTutor mobil - Maus Italia

Tube bundle handling

The BundleTutor mobil is used for the handling of tube bundles inside the plant in combination with a MAUS ITALIA tube bundle extractor from the Mef express HT series

BundleTutor mobil - Maus Italia

BundleTutor mobil - Maus Italia

The BundleTutor mobil aligns easily (thanks to the 4 driving and steering wheels) and surmounts the Mef express HT which carries the tube bundle which has just been extracted;

Using the support slings which are controlled by independent ropes, the BundleTutor mobil harnesses the tube bundle and lifts it with extreme care. Working symmetrically, the clamps centre and encircle the bundle, ensuring that it is balanced along its longitudinal axis;

The tube bundle is transported and unloaded at its destination inside the plant in complete safety for scheduled maintenance without the use of trucks or cranes.

Agility: extremely small turning circles

Particular attention has been paid to the agility of the BundleTutor mobil which, with 4-wheel drive and steering, is able to navigate the journey within the plant.

BundleTutor mobil - Maus Italia
BundleTutor mobil - Maus Italia


Removable driver’s seat with remote control housing
When using the wireless remote control, the operator can choose whether to stay sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat or, walking alongside, accompany the BundleTutor mobil.

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