Mef TT 23 - Completely independent tube bundle puller for onboard truck assembly

The Mef TT 23, due to its uniquely designed rotating octagonal telescopic column, allows the rapid insertion / extraction of tube bundles.
This system is particularly recommended for maintenance firms who operate seamlessly in the field of petrochemical plants.

Tube bundle puller Mef TT 23 Maus Italia

Lifting capacity up to 23 T

  • Lifting of the tube bundle
    from 600mm to 7000 mm ( from 24" to 275" )
  • Lateral translation of extraction frame +/- 100 mm ( +/- 4" )
    Hydraulic device for centring the Mef TT 23 in relation to the heat exchanger without the need for repositioning
  • Adjustable anchoring of the tubesheet
    left / right
  • Longitudinal movement of the extraction frame
    to increase the flexibility of the TT 23
  • Bidirectional carriage
    Ability to extract / insert the tube bundle on both sides without turning the truck
  • Slewing ring
    for rotating the whole lifting device
    ( rotation stroke up to 100° )
Tube bundle puller Mef TT 23 Maus Italia
Tube bundle puller Mef TT 23 Maus Italia


The Maus Italia Mef TT 23 tube bundle puller, in order to easily conform with the standards of the countries in which it is to be used, can be assembled by a local specialist company on a tri-axle truck supplied by the customer as long as it is compatible with the design data.

Due to its relatively small size, it can be easily packed into a crate for transportation.

EOC Anti-roll electronic control

The Mef TT 23 has an innovative system which allows loads to be moved in complete safety by inhibiting any incorrect commands that would compromise safety, ensuring compliance with requirements for CE certification.

Tube bundle puller Mef TT 23 Maus Italia

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