Onlypul - Semi-automatic continuous hydraulic tube puller for small-scale maintenance operations

The Onlypul series of tube pullers is the result of Maus Italia’s more than fifty years’ experience in the field of tube extraction.

  • The Onlypul is a tube puller for semi-automatic continuous extraction of tubes.
  • It is available in two models: electric or pneumatic.

Onlypul Maus Italia

Key features that make all the difference

Onlypul Maus Italia

The Onlypul puller is supplied with:

  • Onlypul hydraulic puller
  • Carrying case
  • Set of spare gaskets
  • Set of service spanners
  • Instruction booklet
  • N°2 hydraulic hoses

Onlypul Maus Italia

RC24 Remote control

The RC24 remote control located alongside the knobs, facilitates and speeds up tube extraction.

Onlypul Maus Italia

RSR Revolving support ring

The RSR, or revolving support ring, is used for suspending the Onlypul during use and promotes better orientation in spaces which are difficult to access.

Onlypul Maus Italia

Power supply unit


The Onlypul tube puller is powered by a semi-automatic electric or pneumatic power supply unit.

Power unit TP10 Maus Italia

The Onlypul tube puller is available in four models

Onlypul Maus Italia

Onlypul 15

The Onlypul 15, with a pulling force of 15KN, is for tubes from 3/8" up to 1.1/8" ( from 9,52 up to 28,58 mm )

Onlypul Maus Italia

Onlypul 30

The Onlypul 30, with a pulling force of 30KN, is for tubes from 3/8" up to 1.1/4" ( from 9,52 up to 42,40 mm )

Onlypul Maus Italia

Onlypul 45

The Onlypul 45, with a pulling force of 45KN, is for tubes from 1" up to 3" ( from 25,40 up to 76,20 mm )

Onlypul Maus Italia

Onlypul 60

The Onlypul 60, with a pulling force of 60KN, is for tubes from 2" up to 4" ( from 50,80 up to 101,60 mm )

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Product technical datasheet

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