Complete range of machines for semi-automatic mechanical tube rolling

Always at the forefront of research, Maus Italia has designed and manufactured, thanks to the experience it has acquired over more than fifty years in the field, a number of different innovative solutions for semi-automatic tube rolling.

Mobile station for semi-automatic tube rolling for the positioning and support of MK Series low-voltage three-phase electrical tube rolling systems and F90 V5x electronic controller.

Quadrol 90x

Quadrol 90x Maus Italia

Portable equipment and hi-tech electrical mobile stations
for controlled rolling of tubes
from 1/4" up to 3" ( from 6,35 up to 76,20 mm )


Matex Maus Italia

Hi-tech hydro-mechanically expansion system for tube expanders with parallel rolls

Quadrol MRP-EH

Quadrol MRP-EH Maus Italia

Articulated telescopic shafts

F/308HS - F/308

Drivenax Maus Italia

Hydromechanical tube rolling systems

Compared to traditional tube rolling systems, the Hydrol Series hydraulic tube rolling system is able to satisfy the demands for handling and power typically required for working inside the cylindrical bodies of water tube boilers.
Nevertheless, the high technological level of the control system and its remarkable robustness mean that its application could be extended to all sectors.

The Hydrol system is particularly recommended for the rolling of tubes from 5/8" to 8" ( from 16 to 220 mm )

  • Special tube rolling systems for boiler and cracking furnace tubes

Hydrol 20.1

Hydrol 20.1 Maus Italia

Hydrol 40.2

Hydrol 40.2 Maus Italia

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