Kattex Fix - Multiuse portable hydraulic tool for the locking of heat exchanger tubes using tack expansion

Maus Italia has solved the problem of centring and locking tubes to the tubesheet before orbital TIG welding during the assembly of heat exchangers.
The Kattex Fix, a Maus Italia patented product, instantly expands tubes in the tube bundle from inside, ( controlled mechanical expansion or "tack expansion" ), replacing it at the weld point.

  • Fast and accurate
  • High level of repeatability due the automatic cycle

Kattex Fix

Kattex Fix Maus Italia

Special setup of Kattex Fix

The Kattex Fix mechanically expands the tube, a delicate operation which pushes the tube in contact with the tube sheet hole. The expansion of the jaw is controlled by the pressure set on the hydraulic unit with the aim of:

  • replacing the traditional but innacurate tack weld for tube-tube sheet locking
  • guaranteeing perfect centring between the tube axis and the tube sheet hole axis
  • ensuring the locking of the tube in the desired position, allowing the necessary passage of welding gases between the tube and the tube sheet hole to prevent welding defects
  • reduce to a minimum the gap between the external diameter of the tube anthe diameter of the tube sheet hole with a consequent improvement in the weld quality

The peculiarities of Kattex Fix

Kattex FIx Maus Italia


Using hydraulic drive, the Kattex Fix gives the tools an instant radial expansion guaranteeing high productivity.

Kattex FIx Maus Italia

Tack expansion - Controlled tube locking

Thanks to the innovative tools designed by Maus Italia's technical staff, the radially-expanded tube is centred in the tubesheet hole and is locked, giving optimal conditions for the next weld.

Kattex FIx Maus Italia

Controlled work times

The new dedicated TP2EQ2 hydraulic power unit integrates control of the entire work period ( expansion/permanence time and release/stop time ), allowing a high level of repeatability.

Kattex FIx Maus Italia

Wide-range - Wide range of application

Thanks to the two different sizes of Kattex, the Kattex Fix device allows the intervention on pipes up to 4.1/4" ( 107,95 mm ) for the production of industrial boilers.

Kattex FIx Maus Italia

Muti-power - Alternative power supplies

The Kattex Fix's hydraulic drive is given by using the Maus Italia TP2 series hydraulic power units in either the Electric and Pneumatic versions.

Dedicated Kattex Fix hydraulic power unit


The Kattex-Fix is powered by a semi-automatic electric hydraulic power unit with an automatic cycle and pressure regulation for the calibration of the adhesion force of the tube to the hole wall.

TP2-EQ2 Power unit

Kattex Fix

"Tack expansion" - Expansion technology

The Kattex Fix, works on the inside of the tube and, thanks to the hydraulic force from its dedicated power unit, expands the locking tool ( K5PS or K12PS ) for tube expansion.
The centring of the tube in the tubesheet hole is achieved through the expansion of the tool.

  • Insertion
    Insert the Kattex Fix into the tube as far as the thrust collar
  • Instant locking
    Hold down button 1 until the pressure programmed on the hydraulic power unit is reached
  • Release
    Hold the the button 2 until the tool unlocks and completely released
  • Removal
    Extract the Kattex Fix from the locked tube and proceed wit the next locking operation

The Kattex Fix can be configured with two different tools for two working modes

Kattex Fix

K5P Tool

Specific for the tube locking expansion, the tool will be positioned in the beginning of the tube sheet permitting the expansion of the tube in the first 10 – 15 mm.

Kattex Fix

K5PS Tool

Specific for the tube locking expansion, the tool will be positioned inside the tube sheet permitting the expansion of the tube without modifying the inlet of the tube.

Kattex Series Maus Italia

The multipurpose Kattex Series

Maus Italia has widened the use of the Kattex series offering new solutions and innovative features.

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Product technical datasheet

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